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Fiorucci International is a media and exhibition representative agency that has been operating for more than 30 years in furniture and design. The agency, based between Milan and the Brianza region, has forged a strong relationship with the most prestigious furniture and design companies, known all over the world. Thanks to a deep knowledge of the design field, Fiorucci International is today considered a strategic reference point for all those companies linked to the world of decoration and design, that wish to reach a specific and high-end international target. With decades of experience, it represents some of the most prestigious design and architecture magazines on the market.

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de zeen

UK (International): Today it is one of the most popular and influential blogs for architecture and design. Daily updated, it shows a selection of the most interesting and innovative projects from all over the world. It was founded in 2006 by Marcus Fairs and today represents one of the largest communities in the industry and the ideal tool to reach both architecture, design professionals and an audience of creatives. It has over 3,000,000 of unique visitors per month with over 10 million page views and 1,100,000 followers on Facebook, over 1,200,000 on Instagram and 350,000 subscribers to the newsletter that is weekly sent with the latest news.

MOM, MAISON & OBJET and more

France (International): it is MAISON&OBJET trend platform, born 5 years ago with the aim to offer the opportunity to discover new products throughout the year. With almost 500,000 professional contacts, MOM generates and guarantees constant and growing visibility to its network of exhibitors in addition to the two physical editions of the fair.

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It is the largest and most prestigious international exhibition dedicated to lifestyle in all its declination. Decoration, design, furniture, accessories, fabrics, fragrances, kids products, tableware and much more. MAISON & OBJET is strongly characterized by two main thematic poles. The first one is MAISON, which includes home and its wide range of interior decorations. The second one is OBJET, which focuses on the product.



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